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CATS and the Canary

23 August 2022

Private equity-backed Kellas Midstream has installed continuous emissions monitoring at its Teesside Central Area Transmission System (CATS) terminal in partnership with Project Canary, a data analytics firm. The dozen ultra-sensitive Canary sensors around CATS can detect, monitor and measure methane emissions at the site level precisely and in real-time (see picture, courtesy Kellas).

In its August 23 announcement, Kellas said that a rigorous technology review found that only the Canary system was ready for commercial operation. It can alert operators to methane concentrations as low as 0.25 parts per million.

CATS lands 40% of UK offshore gas production and Kellas says continuous investment in oil and gas is necessary to ensure a smooth energy transition: the UK will use hydrocarbons for decades to come. It added that energy security and leadership in environmental, societal and governance matters are becoming even more important.

Managing director Andy Hessell said: “Kellas supports the North Sea Transition deal’s commitment to decarbonisation…. Project Canary’s technology enables us to precisely measure our performance, drive improvement, and minimise the potential for methane emissions from the gas we transport for our domestic consumers.”

Chris Romer, CEO of Project Canary, said: “North Sea gas production will play an essential role in Europe’s energy transition, and Kellas is leading the way to a lower-carbon future.” It is the company’s first international system installation.

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