OEUK – Complaints

Last updated March 2022

OEUK and its subsidiaries aim to act with the utmost professionalism and provide the best possible service at all times. We are committed to working in an open and accountable way that ensures the trust and respect of our stakeholders. We encourage feedback from our members and stakeholders – when we are performing well and, just as importantly, if our services or engagement fails to meet expectations.

We aim to ensure that:

If you wish to make a complaint about any area of OEUK activity or services, please follow the procedure below.

Complaints Procedure

In the first instance, please discuss your concerns with the relevant individual or team within OEUK. They will usually be best placed to understand the situation and explain what may have happened. 

If this does not resolve the matter or you feel unable to discuss the concerns with the relevant individual or team, please contact the OEUK Company Secretary (Graham Elgie) by e-mail at [email protected] providing as much detail and supporting documentation as possible. Graham will acknowledge receipt and then review the circumstances of your complaint, reverting to you if further information is required.

We will treat complaints in confidence and will make every attempt to ensure that both the complainant and OEUK maintain confidentiality. However, the circumstances might dictate that it may not be possible to maintain confidentiality (each complaint will be different and assessed on its own circumstances). Should this be the case, the situation will be explained to the complainant.  

We make every effort to send a full and clear reply within 20 working days of receipt of a complaint. If we cannot investigate a complaint fully within that time, we will let you know and keep you informed of progress.

If after receiving the company’s response you wish to take the matter further, you may request a review by the OEUK CEO who will endeavour to respond within 15 working days from the date of your request for review to Graham Elgie.

Should you remain dissatisfied with the OEUK responses, the matter will be raised with the Co-chairs of the OEUK Board, currently being Arne Gurtner and Phil Simons and we will be able to provide contact details if needed.

OGUK Company Secretary
[email protected]