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Orcadian Energy and Crondall Energy announce GHG emissions reductions for new Pilot field development plan

22 June 2021

Orcadian Energy, the licence holder of the Pilot Oil Field on the UKCS, has been working with offshore engineering specialist, Crondall Energy, to investigate ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions expected as part of Pilot’s future development.

Orcadian plans to use polymer flooding to develop Pilot, which should deliver a substantial step towards the reduction of GHG emissions when compared to other analogous heavy oil fields or UK sector average emissions. However, Orcadian wanted to explore what further reductions would be  required in order to meet the longer-term objectives of the Oil & Gas Authority.

By implementing a number of interrelated initiatives around process heat management and power generation, Crondall was able to identify the opportunity to reduce GHG emissions by close to 50% when compared to the original field development concept – by utilising existing, field proven technology. Furthermore, Crondall was able to identify a roadmap of future technology and electrification opportunities that could, during the lifetime of the asset, deliver the reductions in GHG required by 2040. Read more…

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