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    Unrivalled networking opportunities: with OEUK membership, you have access to an invaluable business network with opportunities to build connections and grow your profile.

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    Access to key industry events: our events, meetings and councils offer unique insight, education and networking opportunities with key political figures, senior business leaders, and innovative businesses from every part of the industry.

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    Completely customisable: your membership is tailored to your needs, providing value across the different business functions within your organisation.

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    Business support: our membership team work closely with you to understand your priorities and help you access the most valuable opportunities as your business evolves.

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Our members, our strength

Every member matters

OEUK has represented our members’ interests across Britain for nearly fifty years. In that time, our membership has risen to over 400 organisations working in or providing services to the UK energy industry.

Membership is open to businesses of all sizes, and members benefit from the latest industry-leading publications to business networking opportunities.

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Membership has been particularly beneficial, helping us grow our network through OEUK’s events and workgroup meetings

— Jean-Luc Guiziou, Managing Director, TotalEnergies E&P North Sea UK Limited

‘Shell’s membership to OEUK gives us access to industry-level analysis and assessment. The industry forms a common view and works with OEUK to engage with the government.”

— Bethan Vasey, Energy Transition Manager Upstream UK, Shell.

“Cognite’s strengths are in data and digitalisation, and OEUK membership provides forums for these topics.  As a global organisation that has recently established itself in the UK, we engage with our peers, operators, and other service providers in the UK market. OEUK is a great engine to drive collaboration and conversation, and we want to be a part of that.”

— Michael Scott, Customer Success Director, Cognite.
Case Studies

Members' stories

Case studies from our members demonstrate their ability to innovate across our industry as we work towards the UK’s net-zero targets.


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Member benefits

Opportunities to raise your profile and promote your business

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    Site visit: take advantage of PR opportunities with media or politicians.

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    Expose your brand: share your case study on our website so that potential clients, partners and stakeholders can see the great work you are doing.

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    Raise your company profile: bring your company to many more people's attention by sharing your company news on the OEUK website, our social media platforms, and in our magazine.

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    Raise your presence at events: submit an abstract to present at our industry events, or speak to us about a stand.

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    Discounted advertisements: advertise in our Magazine (discounted rates for members). Share your good work with a feature article.

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    Award nominations: nominate your teams for the Offshore Safety Awards or OEUK Awards to gain wider recognition for your work.

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Benefits of membership

A platform to drive change

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    Protect your business from political and economic risks: with our campaigning expertise and exceptional links with government, industry regulators, and media, we are a strong partner who can help facilitate the positive changes you need to see. Together we can address the challenges your business faces.

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    Supporting UK industry: the UK is a great place to do business, but maintaining a positive business environment doesn’t just happen. By adding your crucial voice to OEUK’s campaigns, you’re helping to protect your organisation for the years ahead.

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OEUK membership. Unrivalled networking opportunities. With OEUK membership, you have access to an invaluable business network with opportunities to build connections and grow your profile.