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Commercial behaviours

The Commercial Managers Forum (CMF) has been developing the right commercial behaviours needed to maximise the economic recovery of the UKCS’ oil and gas since 2017. The CMF is led by a cross-section of senior commercial managers from operators and infrastructure owners in the basin. There are also close links to the legal community. Here, members of the CMF outline the benefits of their collaboration.


The CMF provides a platform to own and communicate on core commercial workstreams. Its primary focus is embedding a strong commercial culture. This is aligned with the transition of the basin both on a corporate and energy integration landscape.

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OEUK to act as custodians of commercial code of practice, transaction best practice and infrastructure code of practice. Rooting strong commercial behaviours in the basin that empowers transactions and commercial practices to deliver with ease.

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Ensuring commercial managers are equipped with the skills to deliver transactions and engrain commercial practices with ease, using the CMF as an opportunity to share industry best practice.

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Maintain communication and connectivity with all commercial managers in the basin.

Roles and Function

The CMF has absorbed the responsibilities of the previous Code of Practice Champions Network. It aims to:

    • Provide visible and sustainable leadership on commercial behaviours
    • Provide a platform for sharing good practices, building relationships and shaping the commercial agenda
    • Own workgroups to develop specific industry-led commercial behaviours and promote the use of industry-standard forms and agreements.

Commerical behaviours

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