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Every year since 2010 OGUK publishes a Decommissioning Insight Report to provide a key source of knowledge for the UK Decommissioning Industry

Decommissioning Insight 2020

The decommissioning insight report is one of OGUK’s flagship annual reports. The Decommissioning insight report has been published since 2010 and is released at our annual decommissioning conference held in St. Andrews in November.

The insight report provides a snapshot of decommissioning activity and expenditure over the next decade. Data is provided by the operators in the North Sea through the OGA’s asset stewardship process. Data is also provided from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands to provide a North Sea basin perspective.


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This report is the eleventh annual Decommissioning Insight report published by OGUK since 2010. It provides a fresh overview of the emerging and rapidly maturing decommissioning market on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and highlights progress in this growing market.


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