Diversity & Inclusion

Tomorrow’s best ideas, innovations and improvements will come from bringing diverse minds together. Meaning diversity & inclusion in the offshore industry.

At OEUK, we are proud of our inclusive and diverse workplace, built on our principles of honesty, integrity and respect.

Understanding diversity and inclusion in the Offshore industry

Diversity & Inclusion in the oil, gas and energy sector creates the best places to work, so we attract and retain the right people. Hence, we need to appeal to people from all backgrounds. Therefore, we need Individuals who offer a wide range of perspectives and skills. Diversity can develop new solutions, boost performance and enhance competitiveness.

We need to secure the future success of the oil, gas and energy industry. So we must do more to attract the right people and retain a diversity of talent, skills, and experience. It is essential our sector can offer inclusive, welcoming and equal opportunities for people from all backgrounds and cultures.

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Join us – and help shape the future together.

The oil, gas and energy industry is a great place to work. To illustrate this, there are more opportunities for the development of people from a vast range of disciplines and backgrounds. With the challenge of the energy transition ahead, our industry remains an excellent career destination for a multi-generational, multi-skilled and multi-faceted workforce.

Meaning diversity & inclusion in the offshore industry.

OEUK is championing the need for greater diversity and inclusion within the UK oil, gas and energy sector. So by connecting people and organisations, we will help businesses to become their own diversity and inclusion champions. With our new D&I Task Group, we will drive the agenda, catalyse action and share good practices.

Finally, visit the Diversity & Inclusion in Energy website to learn more about the Task Group activities and opportunities to get involved!