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Welcome to the resources hub where productivity and well-being at work depend on high levels of employee engagement. Faced with many challenges, the oil and gas industry has been working harder than ever to find smarter ways to do business, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and continue to attract investment. Delivering these aims is only possible with an engaged workforce whether onshore or offshore.

The Employee Engagement Resources Hub provides information and materials that member companies can use. Member companies will be able to influence future content by sharing their experience of best practices. industrial / employee relations examples and by the workforce engagement group, which is made up of senior HR and communications experts from member companies.

Employee Engagement hub

Employee engagement

Providing members with the material to aid workforce engagement across a range of subjects that are current and relevant to our industry.

Roadmap 2035

The UK’s upstream oil and gas industry was one of the first major sectors of the economy to embrace the 2050 target.In September 2019, on behalf of the industry, OEUK released ‘Roadmap 2035: A Blueprint for Net Zero’, highlighting the role the sector can play to help the UK achieve the energy transition that is critical to a fully decarbonised economy.

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Roadmap 2035

The North Sea Transition Deal

The North Sea Transition Deal (NSTD) is a transformative partnership which will harness the expertise of the UK offshore oil and gas industry to meet the country’s climate ambitions of net zero emissions by 2050. OEUK want to play a central role in making this vision a reality.

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