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Subsea engineering: materials selection and corrosion control

Date & Time Mon, 31 October 2022, 9:00 am
Location Online
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As the world’s oil and gas reserves become ever more depleted, companies are exploring production in more remote locations and deeper waters. The pressures, temperatures and compositions of the produced fluids and the seawater environment, place substantial demands on materials of construction. Intervention costs increase significantly in deeper waters and inspection and monitoring for equipment integrity become more difficult. The industry has witnessed some expensive materials-related equipment failures from which all practitioners can learn.

The course is based on the EEMUA User Guide to subsea materials selection, EEMUA Publication 194 and operated in association with SUT. Split over five mornings (9am-1pm, Mon – Fri UK time) the course delivered live, online in English so that Delegates are able to learn at first-hand from the experts of leading operating companies.

For engineers and others involved in the design, specification, commissioning, operation, maintenance, repair or refurbishment of underwater oil and gas production equipment and related facilities. In-house course options by arrangement to suit your team, time and location. Open to all. Discounts for SUT Members and EEMUA Members.

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