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Legal Services, Regulatory and Competition Law

OEUK and its subsidiaries have established and now manage several mechanisms to increase the efficiency of operations on the UK Continental Shelf.

Legal Services

Legal Services, Regulatory and Competition Law
OEUK has two legal groups – the Legal Issues Forum (LIF – for all members) and the Operators’ Legal Committee (OLC – for Operators and Licensees). These establish Task Finish Groups for specific industry legal projects from time to time.


OEUK’s Upstream Policy Team leads on general upstream regulatory matters via two forums – the Gas Forum and the Energy and Climate Policy Forum. The team also informs the legal groups on relevant issues.

The Health, Safety and Environment Team lead on regulatory issues in this area.

For more information on any of the above, contact [email protected]

Competition Law

OEUK’s competition law compliance policy is the basis for all our activities and all our staff receive compliance training.

Download our Competition Law Policy here.

There are also two useful short guides on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) website – Competition law: dos and don’ts for trade associations and Limiting risk in relation to competitors’ information.

The balance between the Oil and Gas Authority – seeking greater collaboration in the industry – and the CMA was addressed in a joint conference in 2015 entitled Striking the Right Balance, following which the CMA and the former Department of Energy & Climate Change exchanged the letters.

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