OEUK Decommissioning Insight 2022

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OEUK Decommissioning Insight 2022


Foreword: Welcome to OEUK’s Decommissioning Insight 2022, the most comprehensive picture of anticipated activity in offshore energy infrastructure decommissioning in the UK over the next decade.

While the decommissioning sector successfully navigated the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and commodity price collapse, new challenges arose with Putin’s war in Ukraine, the UK cost of living crisis and the Energy Profits Levy. Some of those challenges remain and the decommissioning industry is already rallying to overcome them and build on the successes of the growing sector.

Innovation and collaboration have been at the forefront of an energised sector which has firmly established a pivotal role within the energy transition in the UK continental shelf (UKCS) and overseas. Extensive work in emissions reduction during operations, repurposing existing infrastructure for CO2 storage, identifying reuse opportunities during onshore disposal and supporting the offshore wind industry with designing for decommissioning are all setting up the sector with work for decades to come.

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