Everyday products of oil and gas

Many items we use in everyday life are only possible to manufacture thanks to oil and gas products used in their production, either as main or component parts.

The many uses of oil and gas

  • Numerous vehicle components are only possible to produce thanks to oil and gas, including rubber tyres, brake fluids, bearing greases, as well as synthetic and resin materials such as composites.
  • As well as petrol and diesel, oil and gas provides many other types of fuel including marine gas oil (MGO) and heating fuel.
  • A modern office contains many items that, without oil and gas products, would not be able to be produced, including essentials such as printing ink, stationery, electronic equipment and furniture.
  • Oil and gas by-products are often essential to producing computers and many other electronic components such as hi-fis, televisions, cable covers and other consumer goods.
  • Household goods and cleaners require functional liquids to work. These are often distilled from oil and gas fluids and used in cleaning equipment, cooking utensils, as well as coatings and surfaces.
  • Base ingredients in most beauty products are directly from oil and gas, including liquid toiletries, makeup, and nail polish.
  • Furniture is made of many different parts, many of which – such as synthetic fabrics and fillings or plastic fittings – use materials from oil and gas.
  • Children’s toys and games often use many plastic or rubber components, all derived from oil and gas by-products. Other examples might include play equipment, craft tools or other plastic toys.
  • Much of what we wear everyday has relied on oil and gas in its manufacture and processing, including rubber shoes, polyester in clothing, outdoor waterproof clothing and waterproofing substances.