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An integrated offshore energy sector

We engage, inform, and proudly champion the sector which is at the heart of the energy transition.

We are building on our heritage, broadening our offer to members, and championing the UK’s integrating energy sector of the future.

Image above of the Beatrice field has been  kindly supplied by Repsol UK.

Producing cleaner energies

Oil & Gas

With more than a fifty-year legacy of supporting the UK offshore oil and gas industry, oil and gas is not just at the heart of achieving net-zero, it is at the heart of our business at OEUK.

In all energy scenarios, oil and gas will continue to play a role in providing secure energy supplies. Our work is as vital as ever as we look to continue producing the oil and gas the UK needs, efficiently and with production emissions as low as possible, while working with others to cut the emissions from the use of oil and gas.

We are the undisputed go to association that speaks on behalf of the UK offshore oil and gas industry, working across all stakeholders, members and with Government. OEUK continues to champion best practice and progressing initiatives for the benefit of industry, most recently the North Sea Transition Deal.

The UK offshore oil and gas industry is in our DNA, with our unique history of supporting the UK North Sea over five decades. If your business is active in oil and gas, join OEUK today.


As hydrogen continues to emerge, we support our members that are actively working on hydrogen production as well as those that are moving into this important area of growth.

Our membership represents a skilled, diverse and broad supply chain. Many of our supply chain companies are already working across the range of energies that we represent in various ways. It is crucial that they continue to benefit  rom our experience in best practice, standards and the access to knowledge via our networks, forums and events.

Expertise in liquification, shipping and pipelines make hydrogen a complementary fit and an area where the expertise and resources at OEUK can be shared for maximum benefit.

With supply chain members across the UK and a network of unrivalled expertise on hand. If your business is active in the hydrogen space, join OEUK today.


The UK Government recognises Carbon Capture Storage as being crucial for the success of the UK achieving its net zero targets.

Our members are leading the way in developing CCUS infrastructure and storage facilities at scale in order to support and achieve these targets. Given the scale of the challenge, significant investment, policy development and commercial frameworks are required, supported by businesses performing at their optimum efficiency.

The UK Continental Shelf is a basin well positioned to maximise CCUS technology, with huge capacity for storage there is a real opportunity to be grasped with collaborative action and coordination.

Government consultations, best practice guidance and a network of unrivalled expertise.  If your business works in CCUS, join OEUK today.

Offshore Wind

Electrification of offshore oil and gas facilities presents an exciting opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK’s energy production, helping us all to take big steps towards a net-zero future.

Current plans under consideration could involve rewiring the North sea, building power networks that connect offshore production platforms to the national grid, working on synergies with offshore wind infrastructure to meet increasing demand.

To have a meaningful impact, we need to move at pace and see electrification up and running in the next five years. This challenging task will require collaboration like never before; uniting the power sector, the oil and gas sector and the national transmission system and regulatory frameworks and seeking synergies with wind farm developers and technology innovation.

Join OEUK as together with our members, we harness the many opportunities presented with offshore wind.

Working together, producing cleaner energies