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Flylogix names NZTC CEO as chair

6 June 2022

Colette Cohen is to become the chair of unmanned aerial vehicle company Flylogix. She remains the CEO of the Net Zero Technology Centre in Aberdeen.

In a May 31 statement announcing the appointment, Flylogix CEO Charles Tavner said Flylogix would have remained an idea on paper, but for a conversation with Colette seven years earlier. He said she was one of the most experienced and inspiring executives in the energy industry. She was also “incredibly encouraging to us at the inception, not just of the company, but of the idea behind it.”

Colette started working in the energy industry in 1991 and she has worked for major international oil companies in the North Sea, the US and Kazakhstan. Before joining the NZTC in 2016 she had been senior vice-president for Centrica Energy’s upstream business, now the bigger partner in the joint venture Spirit Energy.

She has also served on the board of OEUK and the North Sea Transition Authority’s Decommissioning Board and has a number of non-executive directorships in the oil and gas sector.

For more on Flylogix, please see here. And OEUK’s Wireline magazine #52 carries a company feature with many more details and an interview. BP became a shareholder in Flylogix in March.

Picture credit: Flylogix/NZTC

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