Leading Offshore Energy Industry Competitiveness

LOGIC (Leading Offshore Energy Industry Competitiveness) is the not-for-profit subsidiary of Offshore Energies UK (OEUK), established for the promotion, development, governance, support and management of cross-industry ‘tools’ to enhance the competitiveness of the UK’s offshore energy sector. Through an independent, industry-led board, LOGIC maintains strong governance processes for the cross-industry business tools and ensures activities and funding are sustainable.

The suite of tools operated by LOGIC includes:

  • Vantage POB, for personnel logistics;
  • Helimet, to provide offshore weather information for safe navigation;
  • Flightshare, to facilitate sharing of seat capacity on helicopter flights;
  • SEQual, for supplier pre-qualification;
  • Standard Contracts, adopted industry-wide for a broad range of offshore activities;
  • Master Deed, for transacting interests in offshore licences and
  • The Industry Mutual Hold Harmless (IMHH) scheme, which addresses gaps in contractor liability in an offshore environment.

All LOGIC tools have funding models that ensure ongoing costs are covered on a “not-for-profit” basis, independent from OEUK. LOGIC provides a governance role to ensure that its service providers, industry data and costs are managed effectively to benefit all industry users.

In May 2023, LOGIC changed its name from Leading Oil & Gas Industry Competitiveness in recognition of the reality of the energy transition, and the increasing use of its systems and tools by customers working in the broader offshore energy sector, beyond oil and gas. Find out more about LOGIC and the LOGIC tools on the LOGIC website.

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