Delivering safe and environmentally sound operations

The world and the UK are focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals of which number seven is delivering affordable and clean energy.

At the heart of any energy industry is the operational phase, from planning through to execution. The industry is committed to the efficient and effective execution of decades worth of plans, policy, research & development, delivering cleaner energy to power the nation and resources to deliver the materials the UK and world requires.

  • Subsurface
  • Wells
  • Production operations

Exploration has a critical role for the UK low carbon future whether energy production or storage. The role of exploration is 100% reliant on geoscience skills, access to excellent data & modelling and underpinned by government policy. OEUK Subsurface forum brings members together to share insights. Members and the wider industry are also encouraged to attend OEUK’s annual Exploration and Subsurface Conference. OEUK has produced a range of documents and messaging in this area, including our OEUK Exploration Insights and continues to coordinate responses to key government consultations.

OEUK supports our members to deliver competitive wells through sharing good practice, raising awareness of and updating industry guidelines, and developing sector understanding of new arenas of wells activity including storage wells for CCUS and hydrogen. Guidelines are available to members free of charge, providing deep insight into industry best practices.

OEUK attends a number of regulator and industry workgroups including the Wells Task Force, which is chaired by the NSTA and looks to deliver its Wells Strategy. https://www.nstauthority.co.uk/about-us/north-sea-transition-forum-and-task-forces/wells-task-force/

Working together, producing cleaner energies