Energy Services Agreement

An agreement that services employees

The Energy Services Agreement (ESA) is a collective bargaining agreement developed through collaboration between employer signatories, trade unions, and workforce representatives.

It aims to future-proof the UK Continental Shelf’s energy industry as it transitions to a net-zero environment, by establishing minimum employment standards for supply chain companies.

The ESA covers fair, equitable, and transparent minimum base rates of pay, related allowances, working hours, and holiday entitlement across energy services companies. It ensures that terms of employment are no less than the minimum standards set within the agreement.

ESA Signatories

This landmark agreement standardizes practices across signatory companies, emphasizing their commitment to a safe and productive workforce. Led by employers and trade unions, it sets the industry standard for employee relations in offshore energy. Rapid progress in its first year is now prompting an expansion of the agreement, attracting more employers and strengthening the workforce.

The Energy Services Agreement (ESA) document, as outlined by Offshore Energies UK (OEUK), is a framework for setting minimum employment standards within the energy sector, particularly for those working in the UK Continental Shelf area. It encompasses guidelines on wages, working conditions, and holiday entitlements, aiming to ensure fair treatment and equitable conditions for employees amidst the industry’s transition towards net-zero emissions.

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