Energy Services Agreement

Energy Services Agreement

The Energy Services Agreement (ESA) is a collective bargaining agreement covering individuals who are employed by signatory companies and fall within the scope of the bargaining unit. Therefore, employers provide employees with signatories.

The following industries have signed up: construction, commissioning, modifications, maintenance, operations before decommissioning workscopes.

The Agreement

The purpose of the ESA is to promote fairness and stability and to create a sustainable foundation for employees, employers, and operators in the UK offshore energy industry.

So it is a landmark employment agreement. Given that it promotes a safe and fair operating environment as our industry journeys towards economic and green recovery in line with Roadmap 2035.

An agreement that services employees

This is a landmark agreement. It enables a consistent approach across the signatory companies. It demonstrates their commitment to creating a safe, productive, and engaged workforce across their areas of operation. The employer and trade union signatories take the lead. It now sets the standard of employee relations across the offshore energy industry. Swift progress in its first year is allowing the ESA signatories to turn their focus toward expanding the agreement. Lastly, it will attract more employers to the list of signatories and will further strengthen employees.

Who are the signatories


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