Heads of Digital

Alan Bibb, Neptune

Vice Chair
Gavin Miller, TAQA

Data and Digital

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TOR Heads of Digital (HoD)

About this group

The Heads of Digital group provides a supportive environment and network for those leading their organisation’s digital initiatives, encouraging the sharing of business change management tactics, tools, and insights into what does and doesn’t work in increasing the adoption of more digital working practices.The Heads of Digital Special Interest Group offers a supportive environment for those leading digital change in UK energy sector licensees to:

  • Share challenges, pain points, what worked, what didn’t work, and associated insights and learning experiences in delivering digital change
  • Share experiences of business change management tactics, tools, and approaches likely to advance the adoption of more digital working practices.

The Group aims to:

  1. Facilitate collaborative projects, with the aim of avoiding duplication of work across companies; and enable pooling of resources to progress shared opportunities collectively, where practical
  2. Develop an industry competence in change management and the soft skills and other non-technology success factors of digital initiatives
  3. Develop and promote a culture of digital literacy and innovation within the industry
  4. Promote digital skills development in the industry
  5. Promote the involvement of, and the value added by their digital teams within the industry
  6. Act as owners of specific industry-led digital work groups as arising.

Meetings are held under the Chatham House rule, supporting open sharing in compliance with OEUK’s Competition Law Policy.

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