Medications Task Finish Group

Lorna Creighton, Shell


About this group

To review and improve the current approach to the carriage and notification of use of medications when working offshore. The Occupational Health and Hygiene Group asked for the Task Finish Group to be convened.

Available to: OEUK member companies represented on the Occupational Health and Hygiene Task Group that have a specific interest and experience in this area and will include health or medical representatives from installation operators, occupational health providers, and offshore contracting companies.


  1. The group will assess the options suggested to address the challenges associated with the use of medication offshore, including:
  2. Communication campaign
  3. Defining a common approach to risk assessing the use of medications offshore
  4. Standard letter from prescribing doctor
  5. Generic medication declaration format that can be pre-populated and carried by individual
  6. Defining employing company role in risk assessment


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