North Sea Transition Deal Sessions

OEUK North Sea Transition Deal Sessions

At the present time, these online resources comprise an overview of NSTD and its five themes; Carbon Capture and Storage, Hydrogen, Supply Decarbonisation, Supply Chain Transformation and People & Skills to show the future of our industry.

North Sea Transition Deal – Workforce of the future

Watch this animation at length. We show the North Sea Transition Deal will help people build new skills simultaneously across a range of energies. This includes oil and gas, developing the all-energy workforce of the future.

Session 6: People & Skills

Dr Alix Thom, OEUK’s workforce engagement and skills manager provides insight on the North Sea Transition deal, especially focusing on People & Skills in our industry.

Session 5: Hydrogen

Will Webster OEUK’s Energy Policy Manager and Francesca Bell, OEUK’s Senior Investment Adviser find out more about the challenges and opportunities presented by  Hydrogen – one of five key themes in the North Sea Transition Deal and subsequently, showing this will benefit businesses moving forward.

Session 4: Supply Chain Decarbonisation

OEUK Emissions Improvement Manager Thibaut Cheret outlines what is being done to achieve supply decarbonisation. Therefore, the industry is eventually cutting upstream oil and gas industry emissions. It is through an ambitious production reduction programme. As has been noted this will be an opportunity for businesses to hear about current electrification projects. Hence the progress has been emphatically achieved on the Methane Action plan and how they can find out more.

Session 3: Supply Chain Transformation

OEUK’s Supply Chain Manager John McColl explores how the Deal can help the supply chain develop engineering, manufacturing, services and technology expertise during the energy transition. Eventually, this will create a globally competitive energy supply chain of international repute and then serve low-carbon energy sectors at home and abroad.

Session 2: Carbon Capture and Storage

Will Webster OEUK’s Energy Policy Manager and OEUK Business Advisor Kareem Shafi present this session about Carbon Capture and Storage. This is an NSTD stream of work. Above all, it will enable large parts of the UK industry and society to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions across industry, power generation, transport and residential sectors.

Session 1: North Sea Transition Deal Overview

OEUK In this first session, industry expert and OEUK Sustainability Director Mike Tholen gives a specialist insight on the North Sea Transition Deal, its implementation, and chiefly what it means for the industry.

Member Exclusive Session – The North Sea Transition Deal