OEUK Guidelines on Qualification of Materials for the Abandonment

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Decommissioning, Guidelines, Offshore operations and technology

Guidelines on Qualification of Materials for the Abandonment of Wells – Issue 2

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This guideline can also be purchased as part of a package with the Guidelines for the Abandonment of Wells, Issue 5, July 2015 and the North Sea Well Abandonment Study, Nov 2008 at a cost of £100 for non-members.  Members can purchase this for free.  Guidelines package for the Abandonment of Wells
This is part of a bigger package of guidelines. and have been prepared to provide a reference for well operators, manufacturers and regulators on the qualification of materials suitable for the temporary abandonment and permanent abandonment of wells in the UK and its continental shelf. The document compiles the current industry expertise to provide guidance on how materials for suspension and well abandonment can be qualified.
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