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Positive Energy Toolkit – May 2021

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The Positive Energy narrative deck tells the story of our industry in a way which we know connects with stakeholders and the public. Industry alignment in messaging and tone of voice will increase the chances of successful engagement.

We encourage members to include your own case studies and actions and have shown where this can be done within the deck.


The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry is changing. It remains a crucial part of the UK economy and we are excited about the positive role we can play in the UK’s energy future. The UK offshore oil and gas industry has the essential expertise to urgently help the UK meet its climate ambitions of being ‘net zero’ by 2050. At the same time, this industry has an important economic role to play. It provides affordable energy for households and families, supporting jobs, and creating exciting energy jobs of the future.


Explore our collection of videos below:
How the offshore oil and gas industry is helping reduce emissions
How is the UK offshore oil and gas industry changing?
Safe and Secure Energy

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