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Security of Supplies and Materials Guidance for Shipping Cargo and Materials Throughout the Supply Chain


The whole Supply Chain process for the North Sea oil and gas industry has been analysed and documented into 12 separate processes. This document has taken every section of the process and provided a description of the process, the security threats for the process and the recommended controls that should be put in place to ensure that the threats are managed.

The Security of Supplies and Materials Task Finish Group was convened in January 2019 to address security concerns from Operators and service providers who had identified gaps in the industry regarding the movement of cargo via freight transport from suppliers to bases and onto offshore facilities. The main aim of this group was to deter, detect, delay, and deny any unauthorised materials or people. To achieve this aim, the Task Finish Group has developed this industry guidance document for shipping cargo and materials throughout the supply chain.

This has been made possible by sharing good practices from logistics, security and cyber security practitioners. This guidance document does not supersede any other applicable Standards and is designed to complement them wherever possible and is applicable to all stakeholders in the supply chain. Security Plans, Emergency Procedures and Business Continuity Plans, audits and verification arrangements should be put in place and drills and exercises conducted regularly to ensure they remain effective. Implementing these guidelines will improve your overall resilience, reduce the number of business disruptions you suffer and the damage they cause.

In addition, these guidelines can be used by your suppliers in the development and security management of their own processes, products and services.

This publication can be downloaded free of charge.


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