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Member News29th Mar 2023

Salus wins Serica contract

Process safety firm Salus Technical has won a training contract from Serica Energy, with 250 delegates signed up to complete the course. The Process Safety Awareness Course launched in September last year to address a backlog of safety training requirements from energy industry professionals following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Serica said: “The content allows us to set the standard for process safety and make sure that everyone understands their role in major accident prevention, whether they work in HR, accounting, engineering or in frontline operations.”

Salus Technical’s founder and MD David Jamieson (pictured) said: “I am delighted that Serica Energy have signed-up and I have been blown away by the positive feedback I have received on the course to date.  We have several UK offshore operators undergoing trials of the course at present so I am hopeful that the content will resonate [with] those organisations, as it did with Serica Energy.”