David Thompson, Director of UK Sales at RMI

About you

Tell us a bit about your organisation (who are you, where do you operate)

RMI is a bespoke solutions partner that supports operations in complex environments and manages risk through medical, security, and technical staffing. We support our client’s operations in high-risk environments that are remote, often with limited local resources.

What is keeping you busy currently? What large projects are you working on?

One focus for the team recently was serving the Hornsea Two project, the largest wind farm in the world, providing medical staff and services to construction vessels working on the wind farm.

We are also servicing a number of large contracts across the globe for both oil and gas and renewables providers in the UK, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Norway, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

What are some of the opportunities/challenges you see for your organisation in the future?

RMI has been operating in the energy industry for many years now, and in the offshore wind sector since its infancy, thanks to this, we are perfectly placed to grow alongside the industry into the future. As well as supporting the industry in the UK there are lots of opportunities in the oil and gas industry that we are exploring in in regions like South America.

How would you describe the company culture? Do you have any specific shared values?

At RMI, we take great pride in our ability to rise to every occasion – and always respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs and requirements. Ultimately though, we have a culture of taking care of others and providing exceptional care to employees in difficult environments.

David Thompson – [email protected]

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About your OEUK membership

As an SME how is OEUK membership helping your business?

We get significant value from being a part of OEUK. Our team regularly references the library of materials, which is an excellent resource, and we are active in various events and forums which facilitate knowledge sharing across the industry.

Which OEUK event did you most enjoy and why?

Exhibiting at the OEUK HSE Conference was a favourite for our team. The event brought together people and organisations from across the industry to share experience, highlight innovation, and champion health and safety.

OEUK has over fourteen forums, which forum do you attend and what do you like most about that particular forum?

We use both the ‘Occupational Health’ and ‘Health and Safety’ forums regularly, they help to develop a sense of community and encourage peer-to-peer interaction across the industry which is useful when responding to trends and new challenges.

Future of the industry

What are the biggest net zero changes you have seen in our industry?

One big change has been a broader and deeper understanding and appreciation of the current issues and challenges driving the net zero ambitions. There has been a definite increase in the motivation and enthusiasm from across the industry to find solutions that will help achieve the net zero goals.

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years?

The continued embrace of the energy transition, with members understanding exactly what needs to be done to harness the opportunities and protect our energy supply.

How is your organisation driving the transition to net zero?

RMI continues to deliver its crucial service of protecting the life and wellbeing of workers across the energy industry. The transition to net zero begins with the continued evolution of the energy industry and, in order to drive that transformation, the people who work in the industry need the support to make those changes happen. At RMI our focus has always been protecting people, and as the industry changes, we are continuing to deliver this vital service, enabling the workforce to have a positive, lasting impact.

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