Colin Black, Carjon-NRG Managing Director & UK Energy Technology Platform Partner

About you

Tell us a bit about your organisation (who are you, where do you operate)

Carjon-NRG limited are a Technology Deployment Services Company delivering Energy Innovation around the world. Established in 2015 during the global Oil & Gas downturn to support Operators and their Technology Suppliers on their Energy Transition Journey, we help realise the true potential of appropriate Innovation and Technology implementation and deployment in addressing key challenges managing safe, efficient and cost effective operations whilst reducing emissions. In June 2020, Carjon-NRG became the UK Partner for and together we created (UK ETP) to further deliver energy innovation in the UK & International Oil, Gas & Energy markets.

What is keeping you busy currently? What large projects are you working on?

In November 2022, we were contracted by the NSTA & Technology Leadership Board to help “Accelerate Deployment” and to speed up the use of proven technologies that offer a value proposition for offshore energy by significantly increasing visibility of innovative solutions via the UK ETP as the NSTA Contract makes it #Free for UK Operators and Tech Companies to access the platform, find solutions and showcase technology globally. We also have a game changing project with Shimadzu Corporation, Japan and their unique Underwater Wireless Optical Communications System (UWOCS) enabling remote Autonomous Operations subsea significantly reducing emissions.

What are some of the opportunities/challenges you see for your organisation in the future?

Prior to COVID19 our team & associates would travel globally to support our Clients Technology Deployments, now with an extensive international network, the UK ETP platform and the use of online Teams & Zoom meetings we are supporting Clients in Japan, Middle East & Americas all from Aberdeenshire so our efficiency has increased, and Carbon footprint significantly reduced yet we can support even more Clients in the UK & around the world.

How would you describe the company culture? Do you have any specific shared values?

All our team and associates are safety & operationally focused problem solvers & explorers with many years of experience who naturally collaborate and often volunteer to share knowledge, consulting only when we feel we can add significant value. Through the UK ETP & partnership we have extended this community to over 140 Tech Experts.

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About your OEUK membership

As an SME how is OEUK membership helping your business?

Carjon-NRG only exists because of OEUK as it was formed in 2015 initially to support the Well Integrity Guidelines workgroup and projects that evolved from it. Since many of the OEUK workgroups involve Operators, Contractors, and SME’s it is relatively straightforward to clearly establish key industry challenges and then identify potential solutions, this is a unique opportunity for SME’s and only possible through OEUK Membership.

Which OEUK event did you most enjoy and why?

All OEUK events are great value and I support as many as possible. I have helped organise the OEUK Annual Conference and judged the OEUK Awards so these are special events for me but since I worked on Piper Alpha, HSE is always import to me so I also support this conference. It is great to see the return of the OEUK/NSTA Share Fair on the 2nd February 2023 so we will attend and support this also.

OEUK has over fourteen forums, which forum do you attend and what do you like most about that particular forum?

I was recently asked how many OEUK Forums, Workgroups and Task Finish Groups we supported, I initially said about 15 however on further checking we noticed it was more like 25. I’m on the SME Forum Steering group and was the Vice Chair of the OEUK led Efficiency Task Force (ETF) so supported these strategically which takes a bit more time but many others are adding significant value but don’t actually take too much voluntary time, so I enjoy all of them and working with the passionate OEUK Team and forum members.

Future of the industry

What are the biggest net zero changes you have seen in our industry?

Understanding Climate Change, our carbon footprint, emissions and where we can make a positive impact on Environmental , Social & Governance as well as sustainability objectives has been the biggest change in recent years, “we just didn’t know what we didn’t know” , however “now we do know” it is up to us all to play our part on our journey to Net-Zero.

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years?

After 40 years in the Oil, Gas & now Energy sector I have seen many changes and improvements however with Industry4.0 , digitisation, data analytics, AI and Space Technology the pace of change has been accelerated and our focus on Emissions Reduction in O&G, E,S&G and Sustainability has never been greater and this must continue as well as the deployment of significant electrification, hydrogen and CCS/CCUS projects, these are challenging yet exciting times especially for problem solvers and explorers as OEUK members.

How is your organisation driving the transition to net zero?

The great Technology Development work of world class organisations such as Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), many OEUK members & SME’s will continue to bring new innovations into the market. At Carjon-NRG and UK ETP, our role is therefore to focus on these emerging and field proven solutions, increase their visibility globally and help accelerate effective technology deployment to achieve net zero objectives.

Working together, producing cleaner energies