OGC Energy

Ivan Gutierrez, CEO & Founder

About you

Tell us a bit about your organisation (who are you, where do you operate)

OGC Energy, formerly known as Oil & Gas Corrosion Ltd., was established in 2014 with the objective of helping the energy industry to solve complex problems in materials, corrosion, and asset integrity. Under the leadership of CEO Ivan Gutierrez, who boasts over 25 years of expertise in materials and corrosion, and with our headquarters located in Sheffield, UK, we have established a global presence, serving assets in 52 countries across various sectors, including hydrocarbon production, offshore wind, geothermal, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

As a leader in the energy transition, OGC Energy plays a vital role in reducing the risk of corrosion and optimizing material expenditures for our clients. Our dynamic team approaches each project with agility and a friendly attitude, ensuring that we deliver solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of each client. Trust in our experience and expertise to help you navigate the complex world of material, corrosion, and asset integrity.

What is keeping you busy currently? What large projects are you working on?

OGC Energy is dedicated to advancing the renewable energy sector. We specialise in helping clients in the carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector, where we identify operating conditions and fine-tune specifications to ensure that materials are cost-effective and risks of asset integrity are minimised. Our track record speaks for itself – with a portfolio that includes over 60MTPA CO2 of capacity, equivalent to more than the annual CO2 emissions of countries like Hungary or Greece.

Our expertise extends to the offshore wind sector, supporting operators to optimise their corrosion protection strategies. In addition to our focus on renewable energy, we also support sustainable hydrocarbon production, where we assist operators in mitigating the risk of uncontrolled releases by solving their toughest asset integrity challenges.

What are some of the opportunities/challenges you see for your organisation in the future?

Our work in CCS has revealed a lack of data on the impact of impurities in CO2 on the integrity of CCS systems. This creates challenges for operators when it comes to making informed decisions regarding CO2 entry specifications and operating conditions. In response, we are taking a proactive approach by leading a collaborative project to generate the missing data, the project is called DECIDE. We are joining forces with key industry players and academia to tackle this exciting opportunity and advance our understanding of the field.

At OGC Energy, we understand that retaining knowledge in the specialized field of materials and corrosion can be a challenge. To address this, we have established a pipeline of talent by partnering with universities and offering internships to students as early as their second year. Our internship program not only provides practical experience for students, but it also helps us build a pool of potential future employees. In fact, over half of our current engineering team started with us as interns, which creates a strong sense of loyalty and helps us overcome the challenge of knowledge retention. By fostering close relationships with universities and encouraging students to join our team, we are ensuring the continued growth and success of our company.

How would you describe the company culture? Do you have any specific shared values?

At OGC Energy, we do our best to maintain a positive and enjoyable work environment, not only for our employees, but also for our clients. Our team is small, close-knit, and highly supportive of each other. Our internal culture fosters a balance between hard work and leisure, with regular social activities and a focus on enjoying life outside of work.

Our office atmosphere is made even more relaxed by the presence of our two beloved dogs “Cholo” and “Indy”, who serve as the guardians of our positive company culture. These hairless dogs bring joy, laughter, and a touch of light-heartedness to the workplace – and are always available for a cuddle or a silly moment.

This welcoming, friendly atmosphere extends to our services, as we aim to deliver highly technical work in a manner that is both approachable and helpful to our clients. Our goal is to work hard for our clients, so that they can do more, with less stress and uncertainty.

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About your OEUK membership

As an organisation how is OEUK membership helping your business?

Our collaboration with Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) represents a crucial step in our growth strategy, as it allows us to share our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of materials, corrosion, and asset integrity with a wider audience. Our partnership with OEUK provides us with a valuable platform to connect and engage with the industry, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that deepen our understanding of industry needs and challenges. Through this collaboration, we are committed to increasing our visibility and establishing our reputation as a trusted and reliable technical authority in the industry, providing valuable insights and knowledge to OEUK’s members and readership.

Which OEUK event did you most enjoy and why?

The CCS Supply Chain Report 2022 launch was a highlight for us as it provided a platform for us to showcase our expertise as an SME in the field of CCS. The event brought together industry leaders and allowed us to share insights on the challenges and opportunities within CCS. It was an honour to participate and engage in discussions alongside BEIS and Tier 1 contractors on how to best capitalize on the growth potential of CCS in the industry.

OEUK has over Fourteen Forums, which forum do you attend and what do you like most about that particular forum?

Our involvement in the CCUS and SME forums has been incredibly valuable, providing us with a platform to stay informed about the latest developments and opportunities in the CCS landscape across the North Sea. The forums have given us a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by operators, enabling us to identify areas where we can bring our expertise and collaborate to overcome these challenges.

Future of the industry

What are the biggest net zero changes you have seen in our industry?

The global energy industry is embracing decarbonization, and the North Sea is at the forefront of this transition with its investment in offshore wind and CCS projects. This is attracting attention from other regions as they look to the UK for guidance in striking a balance between renewables and traditional energy sources. Our clients are increasingly seeking support in these renewable sectors, especially CCS and offshore wind. Rather than simply transferring knowledge and practices from the oil and gas industry, we strive to provide fit-for-purpose solutions by taking the best of the oil and gas industry and streamlining it to meet the unique challenges of CCS and offshore wind. The industry is gradually realizing that this is a significant shift in thinking and that, without embracing it, the goal of achieving net zero emissions will never be reached.

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years?

Collaboration will be crucial in driving the energy industry towards decarbonization. From electrifying hydrocarbon platforms to building CO2 collection networks from various industries such as refineries, steelmaking, cement, and breweries, the industry must come together to achieve its goals. The volatile nature of the hydrocarbon market requires resilience, and isolation is no longer an option.

We learned this during the last oil price crash and must embrace this lesson by fostering collaboration. Currently, we see the rise of CCS consortia and electrification projects, which are prime examples of this collaborative approach. Over the next two decades, the entire industry must continue to work together to reach its net zero targets.

How is your organisation driving the transition to net zero?

At OGC Energy, we are at the forefront of the energy transition, balancing our expertise in both traditional oil and gas and renewable energy sources. Our work will continue driving sustainable hydrocarbon production and reducing the risk of corrosion-related incidents. Our project, DECIDE, is focused on providing critical answers to the challenges of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and we collaborate with industry and academia to achieve this goal. We are proud to have been part of the Dolphyn project, the first offshore wind-to-hydrogen project, and to have helped clients like NZTC to identify materials and valves for future hydrogen pipelines connecting the Scottish Isles with the continent. Our niche expertise in geothermal energy has allowed us to support countries like Iceland, Netherlands, and Mexico in drilling geothermal wells to generate carbon-free energy. Knowing that our team is helping the energy industry transition to net zero makes Cholo and Indy’s tails wag with excitement!

Working together, producing cleaner energies