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Colin Wilson, Director

About you

Tell us about your business. What sets you apart?

SRCN Solutions specialises in creating, refining and improving work management systems in the oil and gas, renewable, utilities and power sectors. We help you to transform your intentions into delivered outcomes fast, whilst freeing up your resources to focus on the tasks only they can do.

SRCN Solutions help organisations remove the obstacles holding them back – like backlogs, excessive costs, budget constraints and unreliable operations.

People within organisations already know what the stumbling blocks are, but need help to implement solutions or they may need an external viewpoint to help identify issues, as well as to resolve them.

Ultimately, we’ll create a strategy that translates to achievable goals and immediate business results, providing support in every area that impacts on work management efficiency. We will be the extra horsepower and expertise organisations need to achieve their goals. Above all else, we will deliver.

Our expertise comes from working with some of the biggest companies in the world including Bp, Repsol, CNOOC, Total Energies, Centrica, Spirit Energy, PX Group, Dana Petroleum, amongst others.

What projects are you working on, and how do they contribute to the company’s mission and vision?

SRCN Solutions are currently working on several new contracts for a number of North Sea Upstream and Midstream Operators. These projects range from Work Management Assessments, gap analyses, and recommendations for improvement to work management process assessments to backlog review and cleanse scopes. We are delighted to have some nuclear projects in the pipeline which will hopefully be scheduled to begin later in the year aligning with our strategy of transitioning beyond oil and gas.

What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for you?

We see opportunities everywhere as we have never worked with or even spoken to a company that didn’t have opportunities to get more efficient at executing their work. We are also seeing significant opportunities in other industries outside of Oil and Gas as the guidance we provide readily transfers to any other industry that is dependent on physical equipment to produce its product. The challenges, as ever, is getting organisations to realise the opportunities that they have and then recognising they will take advantage of those opportunities far faster if they bring us in to help rather than try to go it alone.

About your OEUK membership 

How is OUEK membership benefiting your business, whether in terms of networking, resources, or industry insights?

SRCN Solutions has been a member of OEUK for a number of years and has taken part in some of the forums and task groups. Being members of these groups is great for networking and getting to know like-minded people.

Have you participated in any recent OEUK events? Which events are you looking forward to this year?

OEUK hold a lot of events every year, we do our best to make it along where we can. The forums and work groups are probably the most enjoyable ones for us, where we’re focused on an issue and provide advice based on SRCNs experience to resolve this. A recent example would be the Maintenance Backlog Task Force Group and SRCN Solutions being asked to write the OEUK Backlog Guidelines.

With some growth in the company this year and increased capacity, we look forward to contributing further in the next year and also taking part in the Continuous Improvement group, the Efficiency Task Force and the Supply Chain Forum.

Future of our industry 

What notable changes towards achieving net-zero emissions have you observed in our industry in recent years?

It is great to watch and help our customers as they innovate and transition to Net Zero. To this end, we are also adapting our services and gaining experience in a number of industries outside of oil & gas and in the renewables space.

How is your company contributing to the industry’s transition to a net-zero future?

I do not think we are driving it; however, we’re trying our best to support those that are. Our focus is helping organisations get their work done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Any great idea about how to move to Net Zero remains a good idea until it is executed and that is what we help organisations do.

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years? 

To be honest, I think predicting 20 years into the future is just guessing, however, for the North Sea at least it is likely to be smaller but very much the same in many ways. The industry will still be relying on aging assets to produce its commodity and the challenges of maintaining them in a fit state to do so will most likely be very similar. I do think the ones that will be the most successful at doing will be the ones that invest right now with the others looking back and wishing they had.

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