Nassima Brown, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy

About you

Tell us about Fennex. What sets you apart?

Fennex, an award-winning industrial software company with specialised knowledge in the energy industry, focuses on developing AI-powered innovative digital solutions to accelerate digital transformation across the value chain in Energy & Renewables. Founded by oil & gas industry professionals with more than 25 years of offshore operation global experience, our ground-breaking digital solutions have revolutionized HSE and Operations Assurance business processes, helping leading international teams achieve significant efficiencies, enhance compliance and elevate safety performance. We are committed to increasing collaboration and transparency in safety reporting, enabled by AI, to create safe workplaces cross the value chain in both the oil & gas and offshore wind sectors. Our vision is to set new industry standards, striving for a future where cutting-edge technologies enable the production of cleaner, safer energy with a minimal carbon footprint.

What projects are you working on, and how do they contribute to the company’s mission and vision? 

We are engaged in several exciting projects, but the development of WindSafeTM, our specialised HSE solution for tailored for the offshore wind sector, stands out as the highlight of our efforts. This project resonates deeply with our fundamental mission to foster innovation to enhance the safety and operational efficiency in key sectors of the global energy industry. By offering a solution that directly addresses the complex challenges faced by the offshore wind sector, WindSafeTM aims to set a new standard for operational excellence, aiming to significantly reduce operational risks and enhance safety performance.

What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for you? 

Our entry into the offshore renewables industry represents a significant opportunity for growth, especially against the backdrop of a global accelerated transition to renewable energy. While there are some challenges ahead, given our proven track record of delivering effective and innovative solutions for industry, the future looks bright. 

About your OEUK membership 

How is OUEK membership benefiting Fennex, whether in terms of networking, resources, or industry insights? 

Membership in OEUK has been instrumental for Fennex, enabling us to tap into a wealth of industry insights and participate in vital conversations about the challenges the supply chain encounters as it navigates the transition to a low-carbon sector. This access has been invaluable to Fennex, deepening our understanding of the industry and enhancing our connection with it. 

Have you participated in any recent OEUK events? Which events are you looking forward to this year? 

We were delighted to participate in the recent HSE conference, where our founder Adrian had the opportunity to speak on how cross-sector learning is driving safety performance.  It offered an excellent platform for us to present our vision for the future and interact with numerous industry stakeholders. 

OEUK has over fourteen Forums, which forums do you attend and what do you like most about them in particular?

Our participation in the Data and Digital and HSE workgroups has been instrumental in offering Fennex a forum to exchange ideas, engage in meaningful discussions, and remain updated on industry challenges, trends, and vital resources. This is particularly crucial for innovative SMEs like us, who may not have extensive resources dedicated to business development and external engagement activities. The chance to network, share insights, and tap into best practices has proven to be invaluable for staying in tune with the evolving needs of the industry.  

Future of our industry 

What notable changes towards achieving net-zero emissions have you observed in our industry in recent years? 

Our industry’s journey towards net-zero emissions is deeply intertwined with the energy transition, a shift marked by significant advancements and inherent challenges. The push for increased investment in renewable energy and the adoption of digital technologies is clear,  yet this shift comes with obstacles that require cross-sector collaboration at  more profound level. 

How is Fennex contributing to the industry’s transition to a net-zero future?  

Fennex plays a crucial role in driving the energy industry towards a net-zero future by implementing digital innovations to boost efficiency and cut emissions. Our AI-enabled solutions streamline operations and support renewable energy integration, contributing to the sector’s sustainability goals. For example, we’ve helped clients achieve up to 30% of operational efficiencies and cost savings by up to 70%, improve safety measures, and reduce incident rates by up to 41%, which in turn assists in lowering CO2 emissions by 4,000 tonnes annually 

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years?

In 20 years, Fennex sees the energy sector as sustainable, tech-driven, and focused on renewables like wind, solar, CCUS and hydrogen, supported by advanced storage solutions for efficient energy use. Digital transformation, led by AI and machine learning, will optimise the entire energy lifecycle, promoting efficiency and reducing emissions. Fennex aims to be at the forefront, offering digital tools that bolster the sector’s sustainability, growth, and security. 

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