Efficiency Task Force (ETF)

Phil Simons, Subsea 7

Vice Chair
Emily Taylor, OEUK

Supply Chain

Supporting Documents

The Efficiency Task Force was established in response to the sharp increases in cost, decreases in efficiency and a fall in production volumes that left the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) exposed to the decline in oil price in 2014.

The ETF aims to seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practice across the oil and gas industry while maintaining safe operations.

The ETF is led by a steering group of industry leaders who are committed to driving sustainable change.

Available to Member companies of OEUK, by invitation. The group composition is intended to be representative of the industry at a senior level.


The ETF has three key objectives;

  1. Maximise the impact of existing good practice in operational efficiency and efficiencies with energy transition
  2. Promote a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing
  3. Facilitate alignment of industry efficiency initiatives to maximise impact and penetration

This can be summarised as;
– Share best practice
– Promote a positive & progressive culture
– Champion collaboration


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