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HUVR and Cognite To Raise Value Through Data Flow Partnership

22 October 2021

Digital inspection workflows platform HUVR and Cognite, a global leader in industrial software innovation, announced 19 October 2021 a partnership to provide industrial asset owners with better data access and analytics.

Combining the flexible data collection and reporting capabilities of HUVR with the hyper-scalable contextualisation of the Cognite Data Fusion platform, the companies are placing key asset data at the fingertips of their client. This enables faster, more accurate insights and remediation. As an expert in digitising industrial inspection and observation workflows and in collecting data from specialised inspection tools, HUVR’s ability to collect and format relevant data is expanded exponentially by immediate access to related data from adjacent systems through Cognite Data Fusion.

Cognite Data Fusion allows for separate asset data to be shown in context with an asset’s most recent inspection results, such as repair history and up-to-date time-series data. Locating this data can be too cumbersome and time-consuming to include in the normal inspection process because of siloed domains or different access permissions. Liberating the data to be shown in context and in real-time leads to better decision-making for reduced downtime, fewer accidents, and higher operational efficiency.

HUVR said the integration would bring “increased value and capabilities to our clients and allow for further optimisation and more profitable asset maintenance through greater, more efficient analytics.”

Cognite Data Fusion said: “Inspection workflows are a complex and important part of operational optimization and our partnership with HUVR enhances our customers’ ability to deliver both profitable and sustainable solutions.”

Agreement follows term deal with bp

The agreement comes a week after Cognite signed a multi-year agreement with bp to use Cognite Data Fusion to have better access to contextualised data in order to increase efficiency and sustainability of well operations.

“bp is pleased to extend our strategic partnership with Cognite to focus on optimization through contextualized data,” says Ahmed Hashmi, Senior Vice President Digital, Production & Business Services, bp in a 12 October statement. “Our collaboration using Cognite Data Fusion in our Well Delivery Workbench will empower well planners, engineers, and rig site operations teams to optimize well design and execution workflows. This will create a greater focus on safe delivery, improved design quality, and increased efficiency.”

Cognite said it and bp were both “dedicated to transforming industry through digital innovation.”

For more details, read here.

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