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Wood group – Rising to the late-life asset maintenance challenge

5 June 2017

Submitted by Philip Oliver (Transformational Change Manager)

Problem statement

Keeping costs of maintaining ageing assets under
control prior to cessation of production (CoP), while maintaining integrity.


  • Evaluate work scopes to offer alternative solutions to client’s benefit.
  • Reduce maintenance scope of various projects in a late-life asset management context.


As part of ongoing evaluation of work scopes, a
thorough review was carried out of a fabric maintenance programme to maintain platform integrity. Two opportunities were identified to either reduce or remove the painting scope. The proposed reduction required engagement with the client’s technical authorities to agree to a deviation on painting standards, which are written for operating assets and are not always appropriate for assets coming to the end of their field life.


A 42 per cent reduction in work scope was realised. The drilling derrick painting scope was reduced considerably by using wax oil instead of normal paint. As this took less time to complete, the job could be carried out during a planned drilling outage, saving an additional £1,120,000 (cost of drilling downtime for original scope).

Total days saved: 27

Total savings anticipated: £2.16m


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