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Our members are constantly changing. They’re investing in and developing the cleaner energy technologies and solutions that will be needed to not only decarbonise the offshore oil and gas sector but the whole UK economy at pace.  This is essential to meet the UK’s energy security and climate ambitions.

We see our scope extension as a natural next step for our organisation, allowing us to build on our proud oil and gas heritage as we put our skills and expertise to good use – realising new opportunities for the North Sea. Extending our representation to include renewable and carbon-cutting industries will better reflect the agile nature of the companies involved in energy production.

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The North Sea Transition Deal

In March 2021, the UK Government and UK oil and gas industry agreed the Deal to harness the sector’s 50 years of energy expertise. The first of its kind by any G7 nation, the North Sea Transition Deal will accelerate the green energy transition and create a new generation of exciting jobs in communities across the country’s heartlands.

The deal encompasses five aspects of decarbonisation.

These are:

  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Hydrogen
  • Supply decarbonisation
  • Supply chain transformation
  • People and skills
View North Sea Transition Deal
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Membership has been particularly beneficial, helping us grow our network through OEUK’s events and workgroup meetings

— Jean-Luc Guiziou, Managing Director, TotalEnergies E&P North Sea UK Limited

The support and access to resources from OEUK have made our membership invaluable. OEUK produce industry-leading publications which dig deep into the sector’s issues and their industry knowledge is second to none.

— Melanie Shaffron, Business Development & Partnership Management at GOARC, GoArc.

The valuable resources that come with your membership to OEUK are simply the tip of the iceberg of what this organisation can do for your business. We only wish we had been recommended sooner.

— Jon Pearson, Global Head of Acquisition, JBH Partners

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