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AIS Survivex helps with jobs for ex-military

15 June 2022

AIS Survivex has sealed a deal with the British Forces Resettlement Service (BFRS) to support those looking to work in the global energy sector after leaving military life.  BFRS works with companies across the UK looking to hire, retrain and offer career advice to the armed forces community leaving service.  

The deal will see AIS Survivex become BFRS’ partner of choice in helping former military personnel retrain for new careers, particularly wind and renewables, it said June 15. 

BFRS director of operations Neil Dean said the two entities wanted to “lead the market in transitioning ex-military into new and meaningful energy sector careers through the launch of Military2Energy, which is specifically designed to filter people from the military to careers in energy.”

Linzi Ryan, Head of Marketing at AIS Survivex, said: “We are delighted… to become the partner of choice for military personnel looking to successfully transition their skills into the global energy sector.”

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