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Ancala Midstream marks 30 years for Sage gas terminal

3 August 2022

The operator of one of the country’s biggest energy infrastructure items, the Sage gas terminal in St Fergus, Scotland, yesterday celebrated 30 years of safe and reliable domestic gas supply. The Sage terminal (pictured below, courtesy Ancala) provides up to 15% of the country’s domestic supply on any day, it said, receiving gas from UK and Norwegian fields.

The company, Ancala Midstream, is now looking ahead to the delivery of net zero carbon emissions targets.

Ancala Midstream CEO Jim Halliday said: “We strongly believe in the future potential of Sage and will continue to provide secure services to its current and future customer base for the next 20 years.”

Sage is involved in the Acorn project to help decarbonise the national energy supply: the UK government has decided the plan to remove the CO2 from the gas delivered to the terminal is eligible for future support. “While these options develop, Ancala Midstream will continue to provide the UK with vital gas supplies and continue to seek ways to further reduce our environmental footprint,” he said, thanking the staff and contractors who have worked on the system over the last 30 years.

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