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Apollo celebrates centenary green project

12 October 2020

Apollo Offshore Engineering has hit a milestone in its renewable energy timeline, securing an award for the 100th project issued by Bombora. Project 100 is in support of Bombora’s innovative megawatt-scale wave energy conversion device, mWave.

Bombora had previously developed a fixed bottom seabed solution with Apollo’s assistance, nearly 500 tonnes of structure supporting a comparable weight of equipment. The next phase concerns a substantial floating platform structure. True to the philosophy of sharing learning, Apollo has drawn on experience of other sectors to perform a full concept design study and cost feasibility evaluation.

Apollo’s Energy Transition team is currently involved in a range of projects from development planning and design engineering, to solving technical challenges of installation. The team are particularly proud to have helped developers prove their concepts, move forward to demonstration phases and progress to commercial realisation. Read more…


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