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Blog: Pass on the PPE

16 April 2020


As we know, the NHS and care providers across the country are in working in very uncertain times and facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is coupled with the ongoing demand for PPE equipment to protect not only key workers and staff, but hospital patients and care home residents.

PPE is widely used across many industries in the UK, including the UK offshore oil and gas sector. We’re supporting a grassroots campaign with TSG Marine to encourage everyone to check what they have and donate it or lend it to those that need it the most; our heroic key workers on the frontline, putting themselves at risk to keep us safe.

We know many of you are already doing this with spare or legacy inventory. We hope you can support and share the campaign, and let us know if you are donating or have already donated PPE to local NHS boards and trusts, care homes and charities.

Whether its face masks, gloves, chemical suits or shoe covers, do let us know if you can help and help spread the word.

We know of companies within the oil and gas industry already donating spare PPE equipment that they are not using and would ask that others do the same and get behind this great cause if possible. Equipment such as facemasks, goggle or other masks, are widely needed by healthcare workers across the UK and would be greatly appreciated. Other items including chemical protection suits, paper coveralls, overshoes and contact safety gloves may also be helpful to those putting their own health at risk for the good of others.

If you can share any good examples or contributions that we can highlight, we can promote positive stories of how this industry is supporting those on the frontline. Please send these to [email protected].

The government has an updated statement on appropriate PPE so it’s worth checking the latest information here.

Pass on the PPE #passontheppe

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