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Bristow becomes first UK helicopter operator to achieve major international safety standard

24 March 2021

Bristow Group is the first helicopter operator in the UK to achieve a new mandatory international aviation safety standard designed to ensure the airworthiness of its aircraft, underscoring the company’s commitment to safety and industry leadership.

Bristow was notified it officially achieved the certification – Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation certification (known as Part CAMO) – on March 22, 2021, well ahead of the required compliance date of August 2021, determined by the Civil Aviation Authority, following European Aviation Safety Agency guidelines.

While the use of a management system has been mandatory for operators for several years, Part CAMO includes a comprehensive requirement for airworthiness organisations. Bristow established and has upheld a set of guidelines that have gone above and beyond existing industry requirements for several years. Creation of the Part CAMO certification provides international validation for the stricter safety guidelines that the company adheres to. Read more…


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