Lloyd’s Register

Ian Crehan, UKI Offshore Business Director

About you

Tell us a bit about your organisation (who are you, where do you operate)

Lloyd’s Register is a global professional service company that provides independent assurance and expert advice to companies operating in various industries, including shipping, oil and gas and renewable energy.

We aim to help companies improve the safety, reliability, and performance of their assets, as well as navigate complex regulatory frameworks.

As a trusted adviser, Lloyd’s Register works closely with industry bodies, governments, and international organisations to develop standards, regulations, and guidelines. It aims to contribute to the development of a safer and more sustainable world by promoting best practices and technological advancements in various sectors.

What is keeping you busy currently? What large projects are you working on?

In an offshore energy context, LR is busy supporting our clients deliver innovative projects to quickly bring energy to the global market. An example of this is the NewFortess Energy Louisiana FLNG project in the US.

Within the UK we continue to support the majority of the operators on the UKCS maintain safe and reliable operations of their assets through our verification services.

While we continue our core service offering of classification to the shipping industry, we have been advising our clients on their energy transition to net zero, this has become the focus of our thought leadership investment including the LR maritime decarbonisation hub.

We see offshore energy production being a vital part of that as the source for low carbon fuels, including low carbon oil and gas.

What are some of the opportunities/challenges you see for your organisation in the future?

As with most companies supporting the energy transition our greatest challenge is to ensure our people, which are our greatest asset, are supported to provide a best-in-class service provision to all of our clients. We have several internal projects focused on continuous improvement of our service offering and our service execution.

This ranges from developing data analytics to increase our range of view whilst not exponentially increasing costs in order to achieve greater insights and identifying those week signals, to training and providing the tools our people need to support our clients as they transition to a net zero future.

How would you describe the company culture? Do you have any specific shared values?

From our inception, our culture has been centred on safety and risk management, technical expertise, impartiality, and collaboration. Our values We Care, We Share and We do the right thing are the foundation of this culture.

Whilst our core service is generally related to compliance with various regulations, we have found that having the opportunity to fully express our values and our culture vastly increases our value add to a project.

Having a single shareholder in the LR foundation charity really reinforces a sense of purpose in our organisation. Not only are we passionate about helping safeguard life, the environment and property within the maritime economy as part of our day job, we know that the profits generated from our work go towards the LR foundation and its mission to engineer a safer world.

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About your OEUK membership

As an organisation how is OEUK membership helping your business?

Our membership of the OEUK helps us effectively stay up to date with the latest movements within the industry at greater scale, including politics and policy. The business outlook report has directly feed into our strategy for growing our business within the UK.

Through the forums we are also able to contribute to the continuous improvement of the industry which are aligned with our core values

Which OEUK event did you most enjoy and why?

The event I enjoy the most is the business breakfast. This presents a wide range of topics and keeps me right up to date with the wider environment we are operating in. It always awakens my creativity and leads me to generate new ideas. And even better it gives the opportunity to discuss those ideas with other people form within the industry.

OEUK has over fourteen forums, which forum do you attend and what do you like most about that particular forum?

Personally, I attend the Energy transition Forum and the Contractors supply chain forum. Both are very informative and as I am relatively new to my current role they are great learning experience as well.

I haven’t had the opportunity to attend in person yet, but I see this as a big plus that will help me make connections and hopefully bring value to those forums.

As an organisation we attend the majority of these forums as they are in valuable to both bring knowledge into our organisation but also share our knowledge as well.

Future of the industry

What are the biggest net zero changes you have seen in our industry?

There is not one solution that will get us to net zero. The future, even beyond 2050, will be an integrated energy mix. This has led to a greater level of collaboration across the different energy industries, but the biggest challenge remains delivering the integrated energy infrastructure needed.

How do you see the industry looking in 20 years?

I see the future of the industry being an integrated energy mix, whereby we not only measure the differing types of energy in terms of its contribution to the total energy mix, but also how those energies and different technologies support each other to achieve society’s net zero goals.

How is your organisation driving the transition to net zero?

The shipping and offshore energy sectors have a difficult but achievable journey ahead to achieve net zero and maintain their social licence to operate. Lloyd’s Register is investing heavily to support and advise these sectors on this journey and give society the confidence that this transition will be done transparently and safely.

Working together, producing cleaner energies