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DEKRA supports clients with concepts to improve organisational performance

28 May 2021

DEKRA has recently launched a series of webinars to support clients and their employees in developing knowledge in safety and performance improvement.

“There are various concepts and ideas out there that have been very popular in the past with clients to improve organisational performance. In the past year these concepts have become even more important and new ways of applying them in the new world we life in have been challenging for some organisations. However, these concepts are still as important as ever and with minor adaptions, they can still be a very powerful way of improving an organisation’s performance and ultimately culture.” says Mark Walker, Vice President of DEKRA UK.

Upcoming free webinars from DEKRA include ‘How to make your organisational values come to life’ on 9 June at 14:00 and ‘Can Marginal Gains improve organisational performance?’ on 5 July at 14:00. Read more…

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