Energy from oil and gas

The industry is committed to delivering Net Zero by 2050, but alongside expanding into cleaner energy sources like wind and hydrogen, the UK will continue to need oil and gas.

The Climate Change Committee outline that oil and gas will meet 50% of the UK’s energy needs in the mid 2030s. In 2050, the Climate Change Committee outline that oil and gas will still provide 22% of the UK’s energy needs. 40% of the UK’s electricity comes today from gas-fired power stations. In 2022, domestic gas production met 44% of the UK’s needs. This reduced our dependence on less-environmentally friendly imports and played a part in inhibiting further price increases.

Many items we use in everyday life are only possible to manufacture thanks to oil and gas products used in their production, either as main or component parts. Find out more here.

There are lots of questions about UK oil and gas production. Is UK oil mainly exported? Didn’t the IEA say there should be no new oil projects? We talked to an expert about 8 key questions on UK oil and gas production.

People in the UK and across the world need affordable, reliable and safely produced energy. Read more about our plan for clean and secure energy for the UK.

Working together, producing cleaner energies