Event Topic: OEUK's Health and Safety events

OEUK's Health and Safety

OEUK’s Health and Safety events work with leading figureheads within the industry to push key messages and lead to positive change which will impact the UK for years to come.

The Health & Safety Forum exists to regularly engage OEUK’s membership on health and safety issues. The Forum informs, shares, tests policy positions and strategies and provides updates on work group progress.

The Health & Safety Forum typically aligns with regulators who may when invited, attend sessions.

· To help members to manage health and safety issues through the exchange of specialist knowledge and operational experience.

· Identify emerging issues, determine the significance for industry and propose strategies.

All doctors joining the OEUK examining doctors list are required to undertake this preparatory training course, to ensure that examining doctors have sufficient knowledge of the UK offshore oil and gas industry to enable them to undertake OEUK medical examinations.

The virtual course provides an overview of the UK oil and gas industry, and information on what life and work is really like offshore, to enable examining doctors to gain an adequate understanding of the environment examinees work in.

Dr Graham Furnace, OEUK’s medical advisor, provides an interactive session on the principles of the medical guidelines and on dealing with some of the more common problem conditions.

The course allows doctors from across the world to meet virtually and share experience of issues relating to health matters within the oil and gas industry. It is expected that attendees will have sufficient understanding of and ability in spoken English to participate in the training without an interpreter.

The cost includes the training course, the applicant’s 2023 subscription for inclusion on the examining doctor list, and a .pdf copy of the guidelines.

In order to be included on the registered doctors list, doctors are required to submit an application form. The application form must be completed in addition to attending the workshop and must be completed in advance of attending the course.

 If you are a UK based doctor: Application to join OEUK’s Registered Doctors List

 If you are an Overseas based doctor: Overseas Application to join OEUK’s Registered Doctors List

You will need the confirmation reference number provided by your approved application to submit and process your booking for this course.

Please note that on completion of the training course, your registered list PIN number and all subsequent communications relating to your registration will be sent ONLY to the email address on the application form. If you have a question about your eligibility to join the examining doctors list, please complete and return an application form to [email protected] along with any question you have in advance of the course.

Please note – the timing of workshop is subject to change