Subsea Engineering Basics – blended online learning

Monday 08 Apr 2024 | Online Training Course

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Event Overview

Event Overview

Subsea engineering: materials selection and corrosion control training course.

EEMUA 194 Subsea Engineering Basics blended online learning is for engineers and others involved in the design, specification, commissioning, operation, maintenance, repair or refurbishment of underwater energy production equipment and related facilities.

As the world’s oil and gas reserves become ever more depleted, companies are exploring production in more remote locations and deeper waters. The pressures, temperatures and compositions of the produced fluids and the seawater environment, place substantial demands on materials of construction. Intervention costs increase significantly in deeper waters and inspection and monitoring for equipment integrity become more difficult. The industry has witnessed some expensive materials-related equipment failures, from which all can learn.

The in-depth course combines live classes, one-to-one tutorials and e-learning, with robust assessment and certification through a proctored, end-of-course exam – all structured as sessions to fit busy schedules of Subsea engineers over a period of three week. Learning encompasses the distilled know how of the industry captured in the practical, ‘how to’ guidance of EEMUA Publication 194 – developed and verified by industry, for industry.

The course is adapted to the engineering needs of each learner and their companies through a 2-hour induction to fit diaries from 11 March 2024. Open to all. Discount for EEMUA Members.


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