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Chemicals Technical Group

Chemicals Technical Group

The Chemicals Technical Group was established to provide the mechanism for member company specialists to share specialist knowledge, experience, lessons, understand potential environmental impact, comment on guidance with respect to offshore chemicals.

Available to: Open to all members and invited guests who are the Company Specialist or who have the relevant technical expertise and knowledge of the environmental aspects of chemical management within the organisation.


The Objective of the Chemicals Technical Group is to facilitate effective management of the Offshore Chemical regulations and share good practice across industry.

This will be delivered through a process of:

  • Liaison and engagement with regulators and statutory consultees to consult on changes to legislation and regulatory guidance.
  • Engagement with EOSCA and ECHA to consult on initiatives at a European / international level
  • Sharing best practice management and incident recommendations

Creating and resourcing workgroups to action work when identified by the group.