Decommissioning Forum Steering Committee

Walter Thain, THREE60 ENERGY

Vice Chair
Iain Lewis, TAQA


Roles & Responsibilities

The Responsibilities of the decommissioning forum steering committee are as follows:

  1. As leaders in the UK decommissioning industry, this group will inform OEUK’s decommissioning activities, test policy positions, mitigate risk and inform OEUK strategy on decommissioning-related issues
  2. Develop and contribute to the work programme of the decommissioning forum meeting before and after each forum
    to ensure its progression
  3. Propose Task Finish Groups for the decommissioning forum’s consideration to pursue specific issues or undertake
    such projects as are deemed necessary to support the decommissioning forum’s aims.

The forum hosts 4 x per year – six weeks before and two weeks after each decommissioning forum meeting.


Members will be limited to – with a degree of flexibility depending on volunteers:

  1. 4x operator members
  2. 2x Tier 1/2 contractors
  3. 1x SME
  4. 1x Engineering consultancy
  5. 1x Commercial Representation
  6. 1x Legal Representation

Representatives should be in a senior leadership role within their organisation. Group membership, chair and vice chair will be assessed every two years. Volunteers for this group will be requested from the OEUK decommissioning forum and the decommissioning operator’s technical group. Each member may nominate one primary and one alternate representative.

Attendance at meetings shall be on the condition of constructive and active participation and useful contribution to the group. Members may be asked to dedicate time to the work of the Group (or any of its work groups) from time to time, and this may be during working hours. OGUK is grateful for this resource and would not be able to accomplish its aims without it.



  1. Regularly engage membership, inform, share, and test policy positions and strategy on decommissioning related issues;
  2. Enable members of Oil & Gas UK to address scope, risks, remit, regulation and costs of decommissioning;
  3. Consider industry-specific issues independently from regulators;
  4. Receive insight on the work of the OGA MER Decommissioning Task Force and of BEIS relating to decommissioning;
  5. Commission Task Finish (Work) Groups where necessary to pursue specific issues or undertake such projects as are deemed necessary to support the forum’s aims.
  6. In doing so it will work closely with the regulator(s) – OGA and BEIS who may attend sessions when invited to do so.


For general help and enquiries, or to join OEUK Forums and Workgroups email our Membership team or phone 01224 577338.

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