Decommissioning Forum

Mike Tholen, OEUK

Vice Chair
Ricky Thompson, OEUK


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About this forum

The Decommissioning Forum is open to all members with an interest in decommissioning. The overall aim of the Decommissioning Forum is to discuss relevant decommissioning issues, share best practices, interact with other industry stakeholders, interact with other OEUK Forums, provide a networking opportunity and provide the regulators with a space to test policy areas.

The Forum hosts 2 meetings per year.

Available to

All OEUK member companies with an interest in decommissioning.

Forum objectives

  1. Regularly engage membership, inform, share, test policy positions and strategy on decommissioning related issues;
  2. Enable members of OEUK to address scope, risks, remit, regulation and costs of decommissioning;
  3. Consider industry-specific issues independently from regulators;
  4. Receive insight on the work of the OGA MER Decommissioning Task Force and of BEIS relating to decommissioning;
  5. Commission Task Finish (Work) Groups where necessary to pursue specific issues or undertake such projects as are deemed necessary to support the forum’s aims.
  6. In doing so it will work closely with the regulator(s) – OGA and BEIS who may attend sessions when invited to do so.


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