Employment and Skills Forum

Alix Thom, Workforce Engagement and Skills Manager OEUK

Supply Chain

About this forum

The forum exists to share information pertinent to members in the employment or skills areas, e.g. changes in employment law, and to ascertain the views of member companies in specific policy areas e.g. introduction of the Apprenticeships Levy in 2017, Brexit and immigration.

Available to

All OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies.

Forum objectives

  1. Provide updates to and ascertain views of members on issues affecting the oil and gas workforce.
  2. Set up work groups as required to address specific issues e.g. a government immigration consultation.

Any workgroup product shall be copyright to OEUK.


For general help and enquiries, or to join OEUK Forums and Workgroups email our Membership team or phone 01224 577338.

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