Energy Transition Forum

Will Webster, OEUK


  1. Develop an oil and gas industry position with regard to the overall objectives and target dates relating to the transition to the low carbon economy, responding to e.g. CCC and government.
  2. Overall policy development for UK and EU climate change goals (e.g. UK government Energy Policy White Paper) including the appropriate balance between different actions addressing use of energy by consumers.
  3. Promotion of the oil and gas industry’s ongoing activities in the energy transition: e.g. diversification, technology and investments.
  4. Promotion and development of UK CCUS policy (UK government CCUS regulatory framework, UK government CCUS investment framework, support review of infrastructure re-use, support re-use of infrastructure policy development)
  5. Promotion and supporting the development of a UK hydrogen industry, including policy development.
  6. Examine the current situation and future potential for supply chain members to engage with alternative energy sources

Available to: All OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies.


  1. To communicate and promote the role of the offshore oil and gas industry in the transition to the low carbon economy.
  2. To develop policy papers and/or agreed position to feed into decision makers both regulatory and government with the objective of a credible and successful transition that makes the most of the expertise and assets of the oil and gas sector, including the supply chain
  3. To coordinate participation of members and OEUK staff in various working and discussion groups relating to the energy transition
  4. To help members connect with other stakeholders and counterparties with respect to energy transition both within OEUK and externally


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