FPSO Network

Raymond Caldwell, Marine Technical Authority – Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited


To provide a pan-industry, regular network where issues of common interest, relevant experiences and incidents can be aired and discussed to share good practise and enable the sharing of lessons learned (operator and supply chain – regulators invited on occasion).

Available to: All OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies with an interest in FPSOs and tankers. Non-members are regularly invited as special guests to present to the group, please get in contact with the group administrator for more information.


  1. To air FPSO and Tanker related issues in a mixed forum of service users and providers
  2. To highlight areas of particular concern and reach consensus on action required to minimise risk of major incidents
  3. To take pre-emptive action on minor issues which have the potential to escalate
  4. To coordinate all FPSO and Tanker industry workgroups and draw from industry expertise
  5. To represent UK FPSO and tanker concerns within the NWEA relevant organisations
  6. To work together to share safety information and good practice across the whole industry


For general help and enquiries, or to join OEUK Forums and Workgroups email our Membership team or phone 01224 577338.

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